How to Grow Marijuana Hydroponically

growing cannabis

Growing hydroponic marijuana is a bit more difficult than growing marijuana in soil. One needs to optimize the nutrients, ventilation, and light. Managing and organizing these things can be difficult if you have not grown marijuana before. The steps or process of growing marijuana hydroponically has been highlighted below.

Firstly, the basics need to be set up. It is necessary to obtain and procure all the materials for growing marijuana. The walls, which are to be used for growing marijuana, need to be prepared.

Secondly, proper lighting and ventilation needs to be ensured. One needs to set up the grow light immediately and then the lights have to be tested to ensure that they are producing the minimum amount of light in terms of lumens per square foot. It is critical to ensure that the plants don’t burn or overheat due to improper lighting. Also, it is essential to get the room ventilated properly before growing marijuana in a full-fledged way.

Thirdly, it is important to ensure proper germination and plantation. Once the seeds have germinated, they need to be transferred to a rock wool block instantly. Now is the time to feed the plant with water, which is ideally filtered and rich in nutrients. These are the most crucial phases of marijuana growth and need to be done with proper care.

Proper care, as mentioned above, is critical. It is recommended that the water used for plants should have optimum pH and be filled with nutrients. Watering has to be done when the top of coco coir starts feeling dry. You should keep the marijuana plants in the stage of vegetation until they have achieved half of their target height. It is interesting to observe and monitor the growth of the plant. Once the correct and ideal height is achieved, the flowering stage needs to be started. Next is to sex the plants and remove or isolate male form of marijuana plants. Then you need to patiently wait while the plants mature in the flowering stage. You should continue to water the plant until the right time to harvest has been achieved.

Finally, the phase, where harvesting and curing needs to be done, is reached. You should harvest your plants when you see that the plants are ready by cutting down the whole plant of buds at a time. You also need to trim any leaves that are sticking out of the plants. Then, you need to hang the trimmed buds upside down in a cool and dark place when you let them dry so that the buds snap off. The buds snap off when you simply put a little pressure as opposed to simply bending the plant.

Next, you can place the buds in a container, which is airtight in a cool and dry place. The duration could vary from 2 weeks to 4 weeks or more for the purpose of curing.

Finally, you will get the product that you had been waiting for.


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