How to Cultivate Cannabis Hydroponically?

growing cannabis

These days, it’s been better understood that hydroponic agriculture is fast and reliable than soil agriculture when all the environmental conditions are kept standardized. In hydroponic cultivation, the level of nutrients is controlled by the water that is irrigated in to the plants. In case of cannabis, the plants put in soil gradually slows down when their root gets tightened into the soil, but in hydroponic the rate is maintained throughout the life of the crop until it’s harvested. Due to the fast growth in hydroponic mechanism, the procedure is now popular across the globe.

The best part of hydroponic agriculture is that it all happens in smart way; it does not require any extra set-up like pumps or pipe lines for irrigation. The cannabis plant can wick the required water reservoir. The process of growing hydroponically is really sophisticated.

The Wick Mechanism

The process of wick is quite intellectual as you need to put wick in each and every pot. It means the pot is kept with a hole at the base where the liquid will come in contact with the plant. You can use nested bucket in such case or you can put bricks and place the pot in it. The stress of starting a wick mechanism is always high as you have to place your plantation at a higher level. So, you will have less vertical space to utilize in the room. If some accident occurs and the pot is knocked off, then it becomes difficult to recover the pace of its growth. However, rockwool slabs are advisable as they can very easily be accommodated inside the litter pan of cats where the roots will have sufficient growth space. After such a hectic method, undoubtedly the grower will end up with robust and productive marijuana plant.

PH Level

The PH level is a crucial factor while growing or cultivating any commercial plant. The only drawback in using rockwool is that it is alkaline. Therefore, growers must ensure to add some acid to bring the PH level from 7.7 to 6.5. Mostly, vinegar is the best option suggested by experts.

Even today enormous studies are being done to enhance the hydroponic methods and many growers have really posted positive reviews about this tremendous method of growing cannabis. So, if you are a commercial grower then you can learn the way only when you start.


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