4 Main Things Your Saliva Can Tell

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Have you paid attention to your saliva, precisely about how much your body produces in each day? It is 1.5litres of saliva every day! The human body is a marvel in itself. The saliva your body produces is a natural disinfectant to prevent the tooth decay, keep gums healthy and kill the bacteria and germs. The saliva in your mouth is the major starting point of the digestion process, in other words, the trigger to a healthy metabolism.  It can say a lot about your body. Many people wonder, ‘how long do drugs stay in your saliva’? Before we answer that, let’s see what saliva can tell us:

Dry Mouth

Aging can lead to drying up of mouth. The salivary glands wear out. This is primarily due to the regenerative cells and tissue. However, if it’s drying up way before it is supposed to, you are probably popping way too many pills and medications.

It is Clumpy and White

If you notice that your saliva is rather white and clumpy, it could be due to an oral infection. This oral infection is due to Candida albicans, which causes the yeast to grow in your mouth. You will need to use an antifungal medication to cleanse your mouth regularly.


To understand whether your saliva is acidic or neutral, you will need to use a PH strip to do the test. The dentist will do the pH test to assess the pH levels of your mouth. It is bad news if it’s too acidic. Acidic pH levels are incubators for bacterial growth and lead to other infections. Moreover, acidic saliva can even erode tooth enamel. It is established that food rich in red meat, poultry and arginine can decrease the acidity in saliva.

Sour Saliva

If your saliva is sour, it is likely that you have acid reflux. This condition makes the stomach to bubble up acid to the throat. This makes you feel that icky flavor. Yet another way to tell that you have reflux is your bad breath and heartburn.

Saliva can taste tacky if you are a mouth breather. Moreover, mouth breathing leads to a dehydrated mouth and causes sleep apnea. You can achieve a happy and hydrated mouth if you breathe through the nose.  Additionally, bacteria tend to thrive in dry conditions.

Did you know that saliva is a giveaway for the drug in your system? Hence, it is becoming very popular in workplaces and is often done occasionally in rehabilitation centers. Sometimes, it’s a part of the periodic medical examination. So, how long does the drug stay in your saliva? It stays for three to four days at most. However, cannabinoid-like THC can linger for longer in your saliva.   The saliva drug test is popularly done for these five types of drugs:

  • AMP: amphetamines
  • MET/MDMA: methamphetamine and ecstasy
  • OPI: heroine and opiates
  • THC: cannabis, marijuana, hashish
  • COC: cocaine and crack

In brief, the saliva is far more important body fluid that it is deemed to be. It is one of the primary health indicators.


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